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All contact names and associated roles are broken down below by category.  Feel free to reach out to any of these individuals directly.

APS Board of Education Representatives

Our BOE consists of 9 Members:  6 Geographical Districts (Our Cluster is in District 4) and 3 At-Large Districts.  Representation is for a 4 year term and BOE Members meet publicly every month in the Center for Learning and Leadership (130 Trinity Avenue, S.W., Atlanta, GA 30303). 

If you are unable to attend any BOE meeting, and would like to know what topics are being discussed, simply access the APS BoardDocs Pro Web Site.  This site will provide you with all applicable content and supporting documents.  For applicable content, look in the left hand side bar column for all subjects to be discussed.  If an icon is noted, select the icon for full document viewing purposes.

APS offers other tools for you to stay informed:


Our NAPPS Board is structured to more efficiently respond to our cluster school’s needs:


Karen Yanoshik & Jane Rawlings
Britton McLeod
Chi Chi Lartey
Natalie Jones
Beth Hamilton
Denise Maxey
Jenni Rainwater
Jennifer McDonald
Leslie Instep
Lisa Perlin
Makara Rumley
Yolanda Joachim
Aquaria Smith

NAPPS School Representatives

The following NAPPS Board Members are dedicated School Representatives within our respective Cluster.

  • NAHS:  Aquaria Smith
  • Sutton:  Denise Maxey
  • Bolton:  Yolanda Joachim
  • E. Rivers:  Jennifer McDonald
  • Garden Hills:  Jenni Rainwater
  • Morris Brandon:  Makara Rumley
  • Sarah Smith:  Leslie Inskeep
  • Warren T. Jackson:  Britton McLeod

Other Important Education Contacts

District Wide Parent Organizations

NAPPS works with our fellow parent organizations throughout our District.   We have referenced them below so you can learn about our communities as a whole.

  • ACES (Atlanta Communities for Excellent Schools)
  • CINS (Council of Intown Neighborhoods & Schools)
  • EMC2 (Embracing Mays Community & Cluster Schools)
  • SEACS (Southeast Atlanta Communities for Schools)
  • SNAPPS (Southwest & Northwest Atlanta Parents and Partners for Schools)
  • CCAPPS (Carter Cluster Communities for APS)