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Annual Board of Education Panel Discussion

Date: March 26, 2016 Author: Lisa Perlin Categories: Announcements, Board Updates, News

BoltonWe are the World2

NAPPS would like to thank our host, Bolton Academy for such a warm welcome in having their students in Pre-k to 5th grade sing “We are the World”.  It was a wonderful setting in the gym covered with artwork across the globe which set the tone perfectly for the focus on our students.

Our March meeting featured a Panel Discussion with our Atlanta BOE Representatives Nancy Meister (Board Vice Chair & District 4 Representative); Matt Westmoreland, District 3 Representative; Cynthia Briscoe Brown, At Large Seat 8 Representative & Jason Esteves, At Large, Seat 9 Representative.  Topics covered:  Budget, Go Team, SPLOST, OSD & other general questions from the public.



  • $745M Budget
  • $22M Turn Around Schools
  • $5.5M Math & Science Text Books
  • $9.5M Cluster Funding for Signature Programs (this was increased from last year)
  • $1M for Pre-K funding b/c those teachers are paid ½ that of Kindergarten teachers
  • $9M in Pay Parity for Teachers/Staff
  • $9M in School Flex Funds for Principals
  • $3M for Short Term Bus Solution (long term goal is to replace entire aging fleet with SPLOST funding, assuming it is voted to continue the existing 1cent tax that is up for renewal on May 24th)
  • Access the APS FY 2017 Budget Primer presented at the March 7th Meeting


  • 13 Runoff Elections are taking place across the District
  • Sarah Smith Elementary is one of those
  • Voting Occurs Friday, March 25th – Wednesday, March 30th
  • Same PINS as before should be used and should be communicated to you again.
  • Goal is for them to tally votes and inform everyone of final Go Team members before Spring Break
  • Access GO TEAM Website for more details on election results & district timeline.

SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax)

  • May 24th is Voting Day (this is to vote on the RENEWAL of existing tax so it would continue)
  • Access SPLOST Program Recommendation Presentation given to BOE on February 1, 2016 for more details
  • Began in 1997 for capital cost.  Provided an extra penny of sales tax broken down as follows:
    • 4 State
    • 1 City
    • 1 Sewer & Water Repair
    • 1 MARTA
    • 1 APS
    • Estimating $465M
      • $208M for Major Construction Projects in 5 of 9 Clusters
      • $128M for Upgrading Infrastructure across the system (HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, Etc.)
      • $6M Safety & Security upgrades
      • $9M Athletic Fields
      • $47M Tech upgrades (fiber optics, wi-fi)
      • $16M Buses
      • $36M debt service on NAHS construction

OSD (Opportunity School District)

  • Voting to decide on the State’s proposed referendum to take over failing schools is in November (approximately 120 schools statewide are impacted, APS has 26).
  • We have schools that would be eligible for OSD in 7 of 9 Clusters but most of those schools are in Carter, Washington & Douglass which is where efforts are being focused.
  • APS is trying to take them off OSD by hiring 3 non-profits to help & focus on the following:
    • Carver – Partnering with 2 organizations to operate 5 schools (Kindezi Schools will have 1 school & Purpose Built Schools will have 4 schools).
    • Washington – Merging & closing schools, opening a K-8 and having additional growth due to the Westside initiative
    • Douglass – Merging schools, intensive tutoring, increasing parent engagement & creating stable leadership
    • Rensselaerville Institute’s School Turnaround is also going into 10 schools across the system to increase the leadership in those schools by providing professional development and other support.

Please access the March 7th Board Meeting Presentation for further details.