About Us

North Atlanta Parents for Public Schools (“NAPPS”), was incorporated October 6, 1978, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promote public support for public education in the Northside Atlanta Area.

Our organization, and those of our fellow parent groups throughout our District, have grown and evolved into an ever-present group of dedicated parents striving to enhance quality education in order to support all public school students in the classroom.  These groups are instrumental in fostering dialogue and positive change, reaching a wide audience of local and global businesses, City of Atlanta & State of Georgia Executive Leadership, Atlanta Public Schools Administration and City of Atlanta community neighborhoods.

Through these parent groups and their efforts to retain community focus, Atlanta Public Schools (“APS”), has officially recognized and implemented a Cluster Wide Model.  This means, each community is structured with one focus in mind:  Keeping Communities Together, elementary schools transition into one middle school and progress into one high school.

Mission of NAPPS

  • Provide a forum for sharing information with administration and parents of the North Atlanta cluster
  • Provide access to APS Administrative Personnel to disseminate information and address issues that concern the membership and residents of the Northside Atlanta area
  • Strengthen bonds with the larger community, including businesses and families or residents who do not have children enrolled in the North Atlanta cluster

Throughout the course of the year, we work in tandem with our fellow Cluster Parent Groups to discuss local community needs, synergies and best practices so we can evolve together and gain even more of a voice in working with our local Board of Education members and school system in order to take public education to the next level.

Join us in our mission and attend our monthly meetings, get to know our local community schools, Board of Education Members and fellow parents and families.  Sign up for our updates, read the APS Live Blog and learn even more about our North Atlanta cluster!


Our NAPPS Board is structured to efficiently respond to our cluster school’s needs.

Co-Presidents: Jennifer McDonald & Denise Maxey
Treasurer: Briana Summers
Secretary: Jane Rawling
Communications: Cris Krachon
School Representatives

  • NAHS:  Aquaria Smith and Karen Yanoshik
  • Sutton:  Kristy Weathers and MaKara Rumley
  • Bolton:  Keisha Prentiss and Shantriss Riggins-Gates
  • E. Rivers:  Emily Boatright
  • Garden Hills:  Kelly Moyer
  • Morris Brandon:  Caren Solomon Bharwani
  • Sarah Smith:  Karen Kerness
  • Warren T. Jackson:  Meredith Middleton

You can reach us by email nappsus @ gmail. com.

Other APS Parent Organizations

NAPPS works with our fellow parent organizations throughout our District.   We have referenced them below so you can learn about our communities as a whole.

    • ACES (Atlanta Communities for Excellent Schools)
    • CINS (Council of Intown Neighborhoods & Schools)
    • EMC2 (Embracing Mays Community & Cluster Schools)
    • SEACS (Southeast Atlanta Communities for Schools)
    • SNAPPS (Southwest & Northwest Atlanta Parents and Partners for Schools)
    • CCAPPS (Carter Cluster Communities for APS)